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3D Modeling

3D Modeling

Visage Art Productions creates highly detailed 3D models.

Developing and modeled to meet the highest scrutiny by people that love the these franchises the most, Fans. With beloved characters and franchise it is always a huge responsibility to create something that will make fans happy. Being an artist and a fan means i have even higher standards for myself than others and I am always pushing to make something that is worthy of that which it represents.

Batman is a hallowed character that dates back to May 1939.  82 years of history and counting. Countless comic book iterations, film, television, videogames, toys and o much more.  Batman has inspired many and makes grown men want to reenact their childhood by dressing up as and collecting detailed figurines.  That is what I set out to do with one of my favorite version of batman.  The one and only Val Kilmer in the Panther suit from Batman Forever.  

The movie opens with batman saving a back security guard from a safe that is being dragged behind a helicopter by the dastardly Two-Face.  This scene, set the stage for what was a colourful, and over the top story that touched on both the lighter side of batman, while delving into the psychological aspect of being batman.  To this day it is my favorite depiction of Batman. 

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3D Modeling