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Visage Art Productions has The Pleasure of working with Pea Products for the Past 5 Years. In 2021 Peak was preparing to release a brand new products as part of their award winning lineup sold exclusively at The Home Depot.

To promote and reveal this brand new product, Visage Art Productions had the pivalate of developing a promotional video for Peak Mountainview Frameless Glass Railing. As a part of this project, it was required to create various lengths of the promotional video optimized for various social media platforms and distribution online.

Peak Products was established in 1990 by John Gross.  Growing from a single product sold in a handful of Stores, Today Peak is a leader in innovation, customer service and and product development.  Their Products are sold at The Home Depot Across Canada and The United States.  

In addition to video assets, it was required for Visage Art Products to develop, other marketing Materials including still renders of the product components and lifestyle images paring 3D renders with stock photos.

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