New Era for the BC Lions Uniforms

A New Era for the BC Lions Uniforms

Recently The CFL announced a new deal with New Era to produce the uniforms for all teams. This is on the heals of the announcement that Adidas no longer wanted to continue their relationship. I am a huge uniform fan and I love creating concept uniforms so I thought I would take a stab at creating something for the Lions.

I have included a Home, Road and Alternate Uniform

I will give you an idea of what I was thinking and where I drew Inspiration for these uniforms.

The Home Uniform:

A mixture of the BC Lions current home uniforms (which I love) the Jacksonville Jaguars, and an inverted version of the Dark uniforms used from 1962-1970.

The orange body with cap sleeves is the revers if the 60’s uniform which was black body with orange cap sleeves. In doing so this gives pays homage to the current uniform also with the black cleave and Orange body.  Then the Black crescent that contours the collar in reminiscent of the Jaguars and also the stylized font is that of the Jaguars. A black stripe from the arm pit to the hem and ultimately flows into the pants. The pants are simple Black with a classic 2 orange stripe pattern.   I chose to go with Orange Socks to again create some separation and ad more of the primary colour into the uniform. 

The Helmet again plays off what you established in 2015. I took it a step further removing the diminishing stripes and made it solid and carried the pattern to the back of the helmet causing a 2 tone Helmet look with a gun metal grey cage. I feel that the chrome Orange used on the current helmets is really sharp and a solid look so I could continue that into this design.

The Road Uniform:

The Road Uniforms follows the same details Using the Current, 60’s and Jaguars Uniforms as Inspiration.  The numbering gains a black outline around the Orange numbers. The pants, socks and Helmet all remain the same.

The Alternate Uniform:

The Alternate Uniforms are heavily inspired by the two tone black uniforms the Lions used from 2012-2015

I went with an inversion of the two tones of black, using the dark black as the main body colour and the gun metal as the secondary colour.  Although I enjoyed the black carbon fiber numbers that were originally used, I chose orange for this set just to give a little bit of pop to the uniform. Again I use the orange crescent slash accent next to the collar to add a tiny bit of colour to this uniform.  The Pants are the same as the Home and Road uniforms and as you can see the striping matches perfectly with the under arm stripes on the Jersey.

The Helmet uses the same design as the Home and Road but uses gun metal for the lion and orange pinstripe to separate the matte and gloss black.

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